What to add your mom to the celebration?

To celebrate Mother’s day this year,  we are compiling a favorite picture and story of our moms.  Enjoy perusing this tribute to mothers through the month of May.


I think we all expect that our moms will be with us forever. It does not seem natural that the one we bond with so closely in life for our life giving sources into adulthood and beyond, will one day be a fleeting memory. Those memories feed us, they guide us and they provide us with hope. Hope that gives, hope that heals. My mother was an image of deep faith and in that faith always sought to portray the perfection of faith, love and hope for her children and friends. The balance of her humanity in needing to heal always allowed her children to appreciate how very open her heart was for so many.

-Deb Korluka


So often our old photos are from major life occasions. I was thrilled when this picture surfaced of my mother washing dishes, circa 1970. When I was little, the time after dinner was reserved for my mom to wash the dishes by hand.  My dad was by her side with the tea towel for drying.  It was mom’s special time to have my dad’s ear and reflect on the events of the day.  Topics often included the accomplishments or behavior of us kids, the honey do list and plans for the future.  Thanks mom for teaching me how to transform routine tasks into times of reflection and celebration.  I often think about what we miss in modern times, not slowing down periodically during the day to reflect on where we are going in such a hurry.  

-Kim Kaelin


On Mother’s Day several years ago, I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the garden center and pick out some plants for her patio. She said, “No, I want a bike.”

Taking her bike shopping and watching her take it for a spin is one of my best Mother’s Day memories.  Having not been on a bike for decades, she was a little wobbly at first, but not bad for a 79 year old!

Mom, Happy Mother’s Day 2021 and I hope we have many more to share together!

-Bill Kaelin

Honoring our mothers is a big deal around LOMCP. Our non-profit organization was formed in 2014, in honor of Lyn Olson, our executive director’s mother.

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