The LOMCP Board will consider applications based on these following criteria:


The applicant must be a United States citizen, live in the United States residing in the Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa region and receive and pay for care/items in the United States.


The applicant must be covered by a commercial health insurance plan and limits for the requested service are either exceeded, or no coverage is available and/or costs are a serious financial burden on the family.


Other financial resources to meet the uninsured medical bill are not available.


The applicant must present lack of coverage for the medical bill not covered by insurance.


The applicant must present past due notice for mortgage/rent/utility bill due to lack of funds paid out for medical care.


The maximum amount awarded to an individual will pertain to each individual case.


The health care professional/agency or mortgage/rent/utility company will be paid directly by LOMCP.


Applications will be reviewed by a health care professional appointed by LOMCP to determine medical appropriateness as defined in our 501c3 application for medical crisis support.


Grant awards are retroactive 60 days prior to the date of the grant application having an expiration date of 24 months unless the funds are exhausted prior to the expiration date. The grant will not cover any medical costs outside of this date range.


Applicants not approved by the LOMCP grant review process must wait another 12 months for reapplication, unless the medical crisis and requested items have significantly changed from the original application.

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Who We Help

We strive to help families that are not eligible for other medical support programs and generally fall between 75-90% of the area median income.

Founded in 2014, the Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program provides financial assistance to qualifying applicants through grants funded by individual donations and fundraising events.

Life can be very unpredictable. We seek to encourage individuals and families enduring crisis and setback that support can be available through resources of community and love to help ease their burden.

Read Some Stories of Hope from Previous Grantees


My Mom (61), whom has worked as a cashier or waitress her whole life, was suddenly faced with astronomical medical bills due to emergency room visits and cancer diagnosis. With no real way to begin to pay them, we were put in touch with LOMCP and they were a godsend! Many of the local aid agencies require endless paperwork and phone calls, but all they needed was a basic explanation and a copy of a bill. When you are in a crisis, it's almost impossible to jump through the normal hoops! LOMCP paid the bill directly ... all within a few days of contacting them! It was amazing! With this bill paid, doing essential things like paying rent is possible. Please support this ministry as they do a fantastic job.

- Chris Chatfield

When I was a young single mother, struggling to make ends meet I was diagnosed with cancer. Living on tips, being out of work was a huge problem for me. By the grace of God friends and family helped me through this difficult time, however, not all of us are as fortunate as I was to have that kind support. This is why the work and efforts of all involved with LOMCP truly are a blessing to those who find themselves with unexpected burdens and no one to turn to in their time of need. Each donation made is a burden lifted and a chance for hope for those who have felt hopeless.  Please help us shine a ray of hope in more peoples lives by your support to LOMCP today!

- Sandra C. Anderson,  LOMCP Advisor

 This is a wonderful program to assist someone who has experienced a health related crisis who does not have access to other resources or has already used the available resources. The patient that I referred is very relieved to have received assistance to alleviate some of her financial burden due to her heath crisis. "Thank You!"

-Theresa Eckstein VSW, LISW HCMC Whittier Clinic

Hope you are proud of what you do for people because I can’t tell you what a relief this is for me. When you go through a traumatic illness and then have to be responsible for bills and take care of kids it’s so stressful and so scary and therefore hard on the body and you help with that which is an incredibly wonderful thing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I just hope you know how much you impact people’s lives. Always remember that.


LOMCP helped me get a hearing aid. This was very helpful because I was able to get a job as a bus driver. Without the hearing aid, I couldn’t be a bus driver because the DOT requires an aid for those with impaired hearing. The aid not only helped me hear better, but also receive a more steady cash flow each month because of the job. Programs like LOMCP and neighborhood assist have helped my wife and I keep our home and have a place for our children & grandchildren to stay when they are in town over the holidays. We are overjoyed to have them over & not lose our home. We have many memories in this place.

-The Abbot Family

"Thanks to the Medical Crisis Program we were able to purchase a walker for a client.  His family was trying to save up money for it as he could not afford it and insurance would not cover it.  The walker made all the difference in his ability to walk at home and transfer in and out of the car with his family rather than have to take transportation to and from appointments.  The huge smile on his face when he received the walker showed his gratitude and appreciation to MCP."

- Aimee Stanton, LSW  Courage Kenny Rehabiliation Institute

Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program

Supporting individuals and families who are financially suffering from a medical crisis.

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