Celebrate Mothers with Us

Make a donation to LOMCP and we will post your favorite picture and story about your mom on the our website during the month of May.  Enjoy sharing and learning about what makes our mothers so unique and special.

Any donation gets your picture and story posted to the website

If you can donate $50 or more, as a special thank you we will send you the book,

Mama Took Care of Me

by Marietta Murphy

About the book

Mama Took Care of Me is written by local Twin Cities children’s author Marietta Murphy and illustrated by Jennifer Hanson. This book tells the true story of growing up and growing old. A young girl or boy hearing this story may have that aha! moment--as young Marietta did at age five--when she realized that someday, life will come full circle.


Any Questions?

Celebrating moms is a big deal around the Medical Crisis Program

Our non-profit organization was formed in 2014, in honor of Lyn Olson, our executive director’s mother.

Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program

Supporting individuals and families who are financially suffering from a medical crisis.

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